Dez Bryant has a hurting heart

Published On November 20, 2012 | By Jill Saftel

The Dallas Cowboys came out on top of a 23-20 overtime game Sunday over the Cleveland Browns. So why does wide receiver Dez Bryant have an achey breaky heart?

Despite producing some of the best numbers of his career, 12 receptions for 145 yards, he did make one mistake, according to To avoid contact on a catch during the second quarter, Bryant ran out of bounds. The play was repeated on replay screen, and fans weren’t pleased, producing boos from the Dallas crowd.

“I was hearing it. I was,” Bryant told USA Today. “Man, that hurt my heart.”

Bryant explained his thinking: “When I seen where we was at, I was like, ‘Damn.’ I didn’t mean to do that. It’s not like me. It’s not like me to run out of bounds. I seen like four or five guys coming, so I took a step out. I didn’t see the first-down marker. That’s my bad. I should’ve known where we was at on the field.”

He more than made up for the error in the second half, catching nine passes against the Browns secondary. Owner Jerry Jones offered only hesitant praise of his wide receiver.

“In general, I feel that Dez is maturing everywhere,” Jones told The Dallas Morning News. “Now that’s not to say that he won’t go out there and run the wrong route. We don’t want him running the wrong route off the field. But the point is, without trying to be cute, Dez is improving, but the risk here is that he’s in the glaring spotlight of being on the field for the Cowboys and off the field for the Cowboys, so I’m reluctant — we all are — to say, ‘Boy, he’s doing good.’ Dez is doing better.”


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