Josh Brent was released from jail Sunday. (Photo via Daily News, BRANDON WADE/DALLAS MORNING NEWS VIA AP)

Cowboys take precautions following drunk driving accident

Published On December 10, 2012 | By Jill Saftel

Following the crash that killed linebacker Jerry Brown and left defensive tackle Josh Brent in jail, the Dallas Cowboys are taking precautions when it comes to the team’s partying and driving.

According to Yardbarker, Dallas Cowboys consultant Calvin Hill is interested in devices that will immobilize vehicles when a driver is impaired. Hill’s job involves administering off-field support programs for the Cowboys.

He’s considering mandating all Cowboys players use the device SafeKey in their vehicles. The device is an ignition key immobilizer that prevents a vehicle engine from starting if the driver is deemed unfit to drive safely. Unlike a breathalyzer, it analyzes how quickly a driver can react to outside stimulus like breaking, swerving, and pedestrians.

“Obviously, we do whatever we can do,” Hill said. “I don’t know what more we can do. We’re always examining and going over things.”

“We are considering that,” Hill said. “Everyone has free will and makes their own decisions,” Hill said. “You try to make them aware that every decision has a consequence and that they’re responsible. You hope they consider the potential consequences.”

Brent was released from jail Sunday after the Cowboys secured a 20-19 victory against the Bengals in honor of Brown. Brent and Brown were college pals and roommates.


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