Holiday gift-guide for the eight types of sports fans on your list

Published On December 8, 2012 | By Jill Saftel

With the start of Hannukah tonight, what better way to kick off those “eight crazy nights” than with eight gifts for every sports fan on your list.

The Plugged-In Fan:

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We all have this friend. Heck, maybe we are this friend. They’re always glued to their smart phone checking stats, ferociously reading through ESPN ScoreCenter updates, and keeping an eye on their fantasy leagues. If you’re spending a lot of time with this type of fan this holiday season, be ready to share the attention with their iPhone. Help them make sure their smart phone has as much team pride as they do with customized cases repping their favorite team.

The Fashion-Forward Fan:

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When the average jersey just won’t do, your fashionista friend will want to show their team pride outside of the typical t-shirt or hoodie. Roster has looks for men and women ranging from dresses to button-down sweaters, allowing fans to wear their team colors in a stylish way.

The Game-Day Host & Hostess:

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If you’re lucky enough to have those friends with the awesome living room, massive flat screen TV, cold beer, and homemade wings, you should probably thank them for being awesome game-day hosts with an equally awesome gift to keep those snacks flowing.

The Die-Hard Fan:

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There’s a little bit of this in all of us, ready to spew out a play-by-play of the last game for an audience or go to town against a Jets fan talking smack about Tom Brady (how could they?!) at the local bar. Caring this much about one team, nevermind four or five, can be pretty taxing. Don’t try to tell them it’s just a game … that will only get them more riled up. I distinctly remember not having friends over during Patriots games as a kid because of my father’s, ahem, enthusiasm. Subtly suggest they chill out with a comfy robe, complete with team logo.

The Party Fan:

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For some people, sports are a social thing. And hey, why deny them a reason to start a party? They might never watch a game if it wasn’t for the local sports bar or weekend viewing parties, but you can help them join the fandom just a little more with a customized flask.

The Newest Fan:

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Sometimes you don’t have a choice in joining a sports fandom, because sometimes you’re born into it. Make sure the newest bundle of joy gets their cheering off to a good start with pint-sized sports gear.

The College Fan:

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If you thought the rivalries in pro sports were intense, you probably haven’t seen a Michigan fan and an Ohio State fan try to agree on anything. The college fan loves their team, and it’s only intensified by school pride if they’re an alumnus. Grab them a blanket to put on display in their living room so their allegiances are known.

The NHL Fan:

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I know, I know. It hurts. The pain is too much, and this is getting out of hand. For the serious NHL fan, basketball and football just aren’t suitable substitutes, and nothing is filling the void left in their hearts by the lack of clever NHL-themed hashtags on Twitter and Renee Rancourt’s double fist pump following his rendition of the national anthem at TD Garden – except maybe a Lockout Survival Kit. Tissues to wipe those tears away? Check. Brownie mix for a comfort food fix? Check. Copy of the Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup DVD? Check. Add in a bottle of their favorite liquor to make streaming those post-negotiations press conferences bearable and tickets to a local college hockey game, and you’ve got a recipe for an (almost) happy hockey fan.

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