Nine guns confiscated from Terrell Suggs

Published On December 8, 2012 | By Jill Saftel

Following the tragic murder/suicide involving Kansas City Chiefs’ Jovan Belcher, the NFL media world has been abuzz with calls for increased gun control. While Belcher’s death still sinks in for many in the community, it appears another NFL player has links to the gun control issue.

According to NBC Sports, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs surrendered nine guns to authorities in November, including a .45-caliber pistol, a 9 mm pistol, a .454 Casull revolver, a Bushmaster rifle, two Defender 2000 rifles and three shotguns.

This all stems from a temporary protective order granted to the mother of Suggs’ two children, Candace Williams. Williams alleged that in September 2012, Suggs entered her car, punched her in the neck, threw her out of her car, and proceeded to drive away while she tried to retrieve her belongings from the vehicle. Apparently, this occurred in the presence of their two children.

According to Williams’ lawyer, Suggs and Williams will maintain separate residences, with Williams in custody of the children. Per the agreement, expected to be finalized next week, Suggs will have liberal visitation rights.

The linebacker had this to say about his personal life via a statement released Friday: “My fiancee and I have two beautiful children together whom we both love and care for tremendously. The personal issues that the two of us have faced recently have been addressed in a responsible and adult manner and have been resolved.  I am certain that we will get through this matter and move forward as a happy family.”


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