Nick Lachey kicked out of Bengals game

Published On December 4, 2012 | By Kimberly Petalas

Fact: Fans are extremely dedicated to their team, and if anyone talks badly about their team, the die-hard fans will stick up for them.

90’s boy bander and new game show host Nick Lachey took his fandom to the extreme.

As a hardcore Bengals fan, Lachey got into a trash-talking argument with a Chargers fan at the game. Lachey claimed the Chargers fan in front of him started getting too vocal, so he took matters into his own hands.

According to TMZ, the fight got physical and Lachey lunged at the fan.

On Monday, Lachey took to twitter to clear up some rumors about the incident.

“It was nothing but a spirited debate between fans of opposing teams,” Lachey’s rep told TMZ. “At no point did Nick say anything derogatory to the man’s wife and anything to suggest the contrary is simply untrue.”

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