Ryan proud to be a Jet despite rumors

Published On December 29, 2012 | By Kimberly Petalas

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan said he was furious over rumors that spread about him. The Daily News reported Thursday that Ryan said he would be better off being fired if owner Woody Johnson didn’t revamp the offensive line.

Before practice on Friday, Ryan reached out to Johnson as well as the players to address the fact that these rumors were simply untrue. He said he was “mad as a hornet” over these rumors.

“The fact is — and it’s simple — this is the only team that I want to coach. Period,” Ryan said. “I think anybody that knows me knows that I’m telling you the truth. Has it been perfect? No. Would I like this player or that player? Of course. Anybody would.”

While Ryan said he knows the fans are upset with the coaching this season, he also said this is the only job he wants.

“I want to be the Jets head coach for the next 15 years,” Ryan said. “And there are probably a lot of fans out there that hope that that isn’t the case. But you know what? I’m just telling you from my heart, this is the job I’ve always wanted and that’s it.”

Johnson and Ryan have yet to discuss buying out Ryan’s last two years, but Ryan seems to be trying his best to stay on good terms with Johnson.

“I called Mr. Johnson as soon as I read the article and let him know that that absolutely 100% is not my intention,” Ryan said. “No way in heck. I’m not putting an ultimatum to this man that hired me. No chance. This is his football team. . . . At the end of the day, it’s only one man’s team. It’s Mr. Johnson’s team. I feel honored that he hired me to do a job.”

Even the players picked up on Ryan’s frustration when he addressed the team before practice.

“He was kind of upset,” safety Yeremiah Bell said. “What I can say is that he’s all in here, so where that came from I have no idea. . . . He wasn’t real happy about it.”

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