Geno Smith disappoints at draft

Published On May 3, 2013 | By Kimberly Petalas

It was highly anticipated that Geno Smith would be picked in the top 10 in the NHL draft.

Unfortunately for Smith, that was not the case, and he was selected 39th overall in the second round by the New York Jets.

Smith faced heavy scrutiny before the draft began after a Pro Football Weekly scouting report from Nolan Nawrocki skewered him for having poor work habits and focus.

Many were outraged when they read Nawrocki’s assessment of Smith and felt that some of the criticism had racist undertones.

Yahoo! Sports’ Jason Cole wrote a column on Smith as well. In the article, Cole cites a few different executives who expressed concerns about the former West Virginia quarterback.

“I’m not sure he knows how to take instruction because he pretty much wouldn’t listen or talk to our coaches,” one executive told Cole.

“He doesn’t have much presence, not much of a leader,” another league executive told Cole.

Cole also reported that Smith spent a lot of his time on his phone while his team would visit with other teams, rather than interacting with coaches and other team personnel, which turned off a lot of people.

E.J. Manuel was the first quarterback taken in the draft, much to the dismay of  Smith. Manuel was the only QB selected in the first round.

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