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New England Patriots

The local lowdown on the New England Patriots.


Brady getting social?

September 25, 2014

If anyone thinks for a second that Tom Brady spends a fleeting moment thinking about his Facebook page, think again. TB12  has better things to worry about, like how to keep swarming defenses from knocking him down, and...


This mani nails it!

August 27, 2014

Time to get your game face on and your nails done.  I’ve seen a lot of Patriot’s themed manicures and this is my favorite.  ...


  I am loving the story on New England Patriots hopeful Brian Tyms.  The 25 year old receiver is getting attention for all the right reasons both on and off the field. Last Thursday in the...


With two days and counting to the start of training camp, I’m  finally ready to heave myself off the beach chair and start paying attention. The dog days are over.  And I do mean dog days....


When was the last time you got to be a part of something life-changing? I mean, really life-changing. I got my chance, two weeks ago when I had the honor of attending the NECAT (New...


Revis can eat his words

March 13, 2014

This is how much Bill Belichick wants another championship.  He pays 12 million dollars to get a player for one year who once called him “a jerk,” “ignorant,” and “disrespectful.” One wouldn’t think of Belichick as...


I saw Gisele Bundchen for the first time in 2007 outside the Patriots locker room after a game in San Diego. As reporters lined up for access to the players for post game reaction, I heard one...


The Cinderella story for the Patriots did not end at midnight yesterday.  It ended early in the third quarter.  When Peyton Manning hit Demaryius Thomas with a three yard pass to make the score 20-3, the party was over....


After the Monday Night game in Carolina I made sure to watch every second of the Patriots 5th Quarter.  There is nothing quite like watching the steam come out of Bill Belichick’s ears as he takes the post game...


Drive thru sports

September 26, 2013

  The Red Sox pasted the Rockies last night in Denver.  Final score 15-5.   Will Middlebrooks drove in a career high seven runs, with two home runs and one grand slam.  (That’s what you call a good...